REGA Planet vs Jupiter

I currently own the Planet and am thinking about upgrading to the Jupiter. What difference will I hear?
For the price of the Jupiter you could probably find a better player (especially if you buy used).
The overall tonailty I heard was the same, the difference wasin complex passages where the planet would kind of trudge along losing separation and detail the Jupiter confidently separated instruments created a wider soundstage and ultimnately seemed more in control. That's what I heard though. You may hear differ!
Phild, any suggestions?

I have a Rega Planet 2000 and the Meridian 508/24 totally smoked it in my system with everything else the same, way more detailed and dynamic and more musical, though they were similar in tone. The Rega sounded blah in comparison, it was an eye opener for me.

You might want to listen to the Meridian as well as the Jupiter, I will stay away from Rega for my high end needs from now on.
people are selling the sony 777 (not multi-channel) for under $1500 these days. After it's broken in, it's a great 'red book' player as well as a great transport if you want to improve your dac later, and if you should ever want to buy a SACD disc, you could play it too... btw, the sound is very smooth, like the rega, but way more detailed, lusher and has better bass. On top of all that, one can supposedly tweak the thing and make it way better (but I haven't since I bought it new and that would void the 5 year warranty). I checked out the jupiter when I was looking and it seemed overpriced (at least if you buy it new).