Rega Planet Vrs. Arcam CD 23

I now have a Rega planet. Would there really be that big a difference with the new Arcam CD 23 with HDCD built in? I'm using Thiels 2.3 with a Krell KAV 300i.
Audition the player. It will be a significant upgrade. The FMJ23 will wipe the floor with the Planet. Even the Arcam players in the same price range as the Rega best it IMHO.
Wipe the floor is a pretty strong term and I disagree with you. Have you heard the new Rega Planet 2000 compared to the FMJ23?? I do respect your IMHO however.
whats the point....get a P3 turntable ands it will render the two CD players along with just about any other obsolete...but if you must i would think that the arcam stuff would have a bit more resolution...let me guess have an arcam cd player