Rega Planet---Upgrade time--Which way to go?

I have one of the original Rega Planets. Used with Krell KAV300i and Proac 2.5 speakers.

Thinking of the "NEW" 2000 Planet or Arcam FMJ23-cd player.

Will the new Planet give me that much more or should I go with the Arcam FMJ-23 or stay with what I have?
Don't give up on the Planet. It is solid and can be upgraded simply. New powercord, some Ensemble cones and good stuff will happen. Love the deck and the Proac 2.5s. Can't love the Krell but it is quick.
I think going to the Arcam will give you a really big boost, or else go to an outboard DAC.
I would go to an outboard dac. The perpetual tech. P3A with the rega i think would probably sound better than either of the two cd players. How much are you looking to spend on used equipment as the fmj costs a lot more than the planet.