Rega Planet - Transport Problems?

A friend of mine bought an original Rega Planet, and it sounds good in his system. Recently it developed a problem where upon dropping in the CD and putting down the cover, the CD spins with a wobble (or off center). The cover has a magnetic puck mechanism that is centered through a hole, and there is alot of play in the hole that holds the puck in place. When the CD starts to spin, you hear the off-center vibration, and you have to mess with the puck location alot until it spins smoothly.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with this? Can anyone tell me if the puck should have considerable play in the hole through the cover? Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.
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Thanks E. I figured it out. The magnetic portion of the puck seems to be just pressed down onto the slightly tapered bottom portion of the shaft. It had come out of being pressed on snug. I just snugged it up and the puck then came into the right orientation (no tilt), and now it's working fine. Best, Peter
My 4 year old son decided to dismantle the puck from the shaft. It's no problem, just push the puck back on. If you have a wobble the magnet has become misaligned, just adjust the alignment by trial and error. The planet is very forgiving of any puck/shaft alignment errors. I have watched the shaft spin eccentrically and thought 'how on earth is that playing?' but it sounded just the same. i'm just about to upgrade to a saturn, mostly on the performance that the planet has given me for the last 7 years.