Rega Planet 2000 vs Theta Miles

I was thinking about buying a used Planet 2000 but the top load has me concerned that I wont have enough space in my rack for future items ie turntable and DVD. I have however found a used Theta Miles at a good price (about $350 more than planet). Though it is cramping my budget will I be getting more bang for the buck or will the Planet stick with the Miles? As always thanks for your help.
Associated equipment
Conrad Johnson MF-2200 amp
CJ PFR preamp
Silverline Sonata Speakers
MIT T-2 biwire
Wireworld IC's
Hi Artemus. I own a Theta Pearl transport, and am very happy with it's performance.

While I haven't compared the Rega Planet 2000 to the Miles, I would assume because of the price difference between the two brand new the Miles may have slightly better parts and may be a more refined piece overall. As to how the two stack up head to head with the same amplification and speakers I couldn't say.

However, if you're worried about the serviceability of the older Miles, rest assured that the mechanism it uses is the Pioneer Stable Platter which is very durable and still in production.

I hope others can comment on the sonic contrast between the two players. Good luck and happy hunting.
Gunbei, Does your transport play cdr's?
I've auditioned the two side by side. I liked the Unbalanced miles better.

I also own a Pearl transport and to answer your question yes, it does play CD-R's. I've got a copied version of a burn in disc playing right now! I took home a Planet for a couple of days, and then the the Theta Pearl. I feel the Theta to be more dynamic, and with better inner retrieval of detail. I'm using a Pro Basic IIIa for the DAC, which is the same configuration that the Miles is using internally.

If you need laid back, then get the Planet, i'm sorry Planet owners, I was not impressed by this player, as much as I wanted to be! It sounded good, but that's all it did do, the Theta was immediate wow, that's what I've been missing.
Thanks for your confirmation that I made the right decision. I ordered the Miles on Friday and it will be here Wednesday. The reviews I have read plus your input are making me anxious for Wednesday to get here soon.
Artemus, sorry I didn't back to you immediately regarding the Miles with CDRs. I'm glad Statman was able to give you the info you needed.

Congratulations, and I hope you'll be happy with your choice. I've heard many people say how happy they are with a Theta transport and Pro Basic III DAC combo, and if the Miles shares the same components I think you'll be one of them.

Let us know how you like the Miles with the CJ gear and Silverlines. Have fun!