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I am in the process of upgrading my cd player(Yamaha cdc506), and have precluded that Rega Planet 2000 be my next cd player. But I have got a serious issue.

My current interconnects are Ixos gold 1000, its adaptors are HUGE to the point I had to use right angle rca adaptors so as to connect the interconnects to the cd-player. I went to Rega's website and downloaded Planet's manual and confirmed that the proximity between each RCA outs (i.e., Red and White)are rather tight... I am afraid if my Ixos interconnects wouldn't fit in it...and that had to use the ugly right angle adoptors... that would be a nightmare indeed...

My question therefore is: Could someone measure(in metric scale preferred)the outer furthest points of two rca circles [i.e., >O O<] The Yamaha CDC506 has got only 2.3mm of separation while I at least need 2.4 ~ 2.5mm of separation in order to use the interconnects w/o any adopotors.

Dear Sir,

NOTE: Please replace the "mm" by "cm" above.
Do you have a soldering iron? I don't think the right angle adaptor is a good solution, so I would chop off the RCAs and reterminate them with something better. I personally like the Eichmann Bullet Plugs, as they sound great and are easy to solder.

If you can't do this, it's possible that you can find someone who will. If you replace them there will be an immediate benefit, and you will be set up for the Rega.

I realize that I have also responded to a question you asked about replacing your Sansui amp. I suggested that such a move was a sideways one. Are you actually in a position to get the Rega now?

Got this from the Rega Website: . If you are in the US, try the distributor. I am sure they will be helpful.

Cogent Inc.
Steve Daniels
Mike Pranka
11140 Petal Street
Suite 350
Dallas, Texas 75238

Retailer contact info:
Steve Daniels
Tel: 972 234 0182
Fax: 972 234 0249

Rega owners support:
Mike Pranka
Tel: 314 454 9966
Dear Metralla and Willobandb,

Thank you for your valuable information above.

As for Metralla - Thank you for your technical expertise. As for your question - Yes, and No. It all depends upon how much scolarship I get this year. If I get enough, some of them may go to both an amp and a cd player otherwise it will be 'either/or'. I have a tendency to think big regardless of my actual circumstances. But, as an old proverb goes: A man is only as big as the dreams he dears to live!

As for Willobandb - The contact info. above is very useful. I will give call them up today.