rega planet 2000 creek 4330 triangle titus 202

Anyone out there have, or has heard this combo? To be used for jazz, classical, jazz vocals, reggae. If so, any suggestions? All the individual reviews are good but I cannot find the combo for a demo.
In some systems i've seen the Rega 2K with various (more expensive) Triangle speakers so that is propably a very good starting point. On the Creek i cannot comment.
But a little hint: Triangle speakers LOVE tubes! You could try a Jolida (or some other) int. tube amp in the price range of the Creek. You might (very high possibility) love the combination!

P.S. If you still want to stay on the solid state side choose "warmer" sounding amps.
You might want to try this combo...Epos speakers...Creek amp...Musichall CD..they share the same distributor...and are available through has a trial period option...good luck...
Lots of tube recommendations with the Triangles. I have no experience with tubes. Are there any good tube integrated amps? In the $400-500 range?
Hi Degabe,
Jolida comes to mind first regarding this price point. Perhaps someone can name some other brands.

Another recommendation: i always had good results with amps based on EL34 output tubes (better then EL 84 and 6550 tubes IMO with Triangle speakers.