rega planet 2000 & audio refinement amp?

i need help from you guys. i need to get ic for those two components and i would like to get the best bang for the buck that i could get.i will be obviosly buying used and so far my only choice is something made from kimber. i will be listening mostly to jazz.thanks for your help, i'm getting closer little by little.
acoustic zen WOW..
thanks horton, anybody else have any other ideas?
Clarity Labs - Foxfire...holographic,smooth and detailed
Nordost - Blue Heaven, with great detail and fast. Reasonably priced used at around $100.
I'll second the Blue Heaven.
I have no complaints with my Harmonic Tech IC's
Best bang for your buck-------MAS Black. On auction now for only $45.00.I currenly have one between my Sony DVP NS500V and Audio Refinement Complete.Very musical,revealing,great extensions, and tremendous soundstage,especially for the money.For $50.00 shipped,a genuine bargain. Note: I am not affiliated with MAS except as a customer only. MAS owner, Stu, is a great guy to deal with.This skinny little interconnect has been a kept secret since 1988.