Rega Planet 2000 as a transport??

Has anyone had any experience with the Rega Planet 2000 CD player running as a transport.I have been told that this unit is pretty good for the price. I have a SF Processor 3 and I cannot afford the T3 or other high end transport at this time. Thanks
One of the best transports that I have used. Very neutral, well balance. Should use top of the line power cord.
I have not tried the 2000 model but did try the original Rega cd player as a transport and did not like it. If you already own the Rega, then try it. If you're going to buy the Rega 2000 to use as a transport, I would suggest you look elsewhere. A used Parasound CDT-2000 would be much better. A CD player with a Phillips transport and digital output would be a low cost alternative. I recently purchased an Aiwa CD changer for $90 and have sent it to Stan Warren for modifications. Once modified, this is supposed to be an excellent low cost transport.