Rega Planet 2000 and Linn Majik

A friend has a pair of Dynaudio 52SE speakers and is looking for an integrated amp and a CDP. Budget is about $1200-$1500 used, and at that price he could get a Linn Majik and a Rega Planet 2000 in excellent condition. Any thougghts on whether this is a good combination? Any alternative suggestions?

Many thanks.
I used to own a Majik and Rega Planet 2000. Both were good for the price point. You should be able to get either one for about $400-$450 range used I would think??? Also consider a Jolida JD100 for Cdp. I like it better than then the Rega. And it sounds like your budget would allow an upgrade for it. New old stock tubes or mods will improve the Jolida further. That said, you might look into a Jolida integrated amp!!! I have had one of them also and really, really liked it!!! That could be a real winning combination with the Jolida CD player.