Rega Planet 2000

Has anyone seen or used the Rega Planet 2000? I'm wondering if I should stop my purchase on a Meridian 506.20 and get the Rega Planet 2000 instead. With the great reviews of the original planet, I was hoping this would be a good improvement.
I heard at a dealer for about 20 minutes. Sounded pretty good, but still like the Meridian products fuller sound.
Saw it on the weekend and listened in a very busy environment so I cannot comment accuratly on its sonics. The dealer reported that its list price was only $100 (Canadian) over the previous model so it would appear that given its reported advantages of the older Planet you are getting a good deal for your dollar. It looks sturdier if anything. As I am unfamiliar with the 508.2 and your system for that matter, I'm not sure what will better fit your system. Try before you buy...
Rgd Where in Canada did you see/hear this, anywhere in ONtario by any chance. What was the retail price?? Thanks
Well, I'll be using it for my headphone system (where I listen I can't use speakers, so I'm going for a nice headphone system). Currently have Grado 325's and a Creek OBH-11SE headphone amp. I have a bunch of units that will pass through my hands in the next few weeks, like the MG Head DT headphone amp and the Sennheiser HD600s...I'll try out amps and cans until I get something I really like. So I'm looking more for something thats versatile and will be good with anything. Upgrading from a PC sound card (using Winamp with the CD Reader plugin). I guess I'm a bit concerned about the Meridian because I often listen to rock and some have complained that it sounds confused in busier passages and also with it's lack of punch and liveliness. Anyhow, the used 506.20 and Rega Planet 2000 can both be had for about $800. (list price of the Rega Planet 2000 appears to be $1000, but it's already on Audigon for $800) Thanks for the help though.
Miked - unfortunately in Calgary and the list was $1450. I would recommend inquiring at another dealer in Red Deer -Audio West (Gary) who sold Planets in the past and if he still carries the line he is competitive. Tell him Ron from Okotoks passed you this info.
Rgd, Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.