Rega Planet

Would this player be a good buy in good condition for $75?Thanks for any advice.
Wow, why would you have to ask?

I should say so, that is less than 10% of the original price when it was introduced!  It may not be a contemporary component, but the price is sure right, and it should make CDs sound nice.
Have heard/read good things about the player but have never heard one personally. So thought I'd just ask.
At that price, my only concern would be, does it work! I owned one and enjoyed it for quite some time. Nice warm CD player, it was the first digital product that Rega made. With their dedication to analog at the time, you know their ears were tuned into the analog sound. And this player shows a great first effort especially that the 800.00*
they sold for new.

*as I recall

Owner said it does work and sent pics so it looks fine in that regard. So the only question is as you pointed out is how well it works. 
If you don't let me know who's selling it I would buy it for $75 right now. The Planet was my first ever high end cd player and a damn good one!
Past century technology digital stuff. Just about a right price for it.
Please be noted that this CD player isn't ones that 'built like tank'. They're quite fragile. If you want it to be shipped, than it must be very secure preferably no UPS! 
I owned an original planet when first released. They are built very well regardless of the above comment.
Since you are only paying $75 you would get much better performance with a modern DAC. The planet is a great transport.
They are built very well regardless of the above comment.
+ 1  These are indeed built quite well and sound pretty damn good.  If you don't buy it, I will.