Rega Planar 3 Tonearm Question

I have a Rega Planar 3 that I bought in the late 80s which has gone unused for the most part since then. It's now time to sell it to someone who can enjoy it, I'm trying to figure what tone arm I have on it. My recollection is that I bought whatever came with it. Would that be the RB300? I don't see any markings.

Many thanks.
If it is black and straight, it is a RB-300. If is silver and "S" shaped, it is a RB-200.
check out the rega tonearm article on vinylengine dot com. great pics, it will be no problem to i.d. your arm.
What about the RB 250?
The tone arm is the RB300. Comes with the P3.
The P3 is a different turntable than the Planar 3. The Planar 3 came in two iterations, the earlier, and shorter lived, used the RB200 arm, sourced from Lustre/ACOS, if memory serves. All P3 turntables came with the RB300. The current P3/24 come with the RB301. But the question was about the Planar 3, not the P3.