Rega Planar 3 Help/Advice

I recently purchased one and have received it but when I went to put it together I put the belt on the subplatter and then the glass platter. I turn the machine on and the belt flaps and will not turn the platter. I take the glass platter off and the belt spins on the subplatter just fine. When I take the belt off the subplatter it pops back into a perfect circle so it does not appear to be worn. However, I have ordered a new belt just to be sure. I notice when the belt is installed the motor pulley bends in toward the subplatter. Is this normal? This table was purchased for a second system that frankly won't get a lot of play so I don't want to have to spend a fortune on it to upgrade it but I would be open to some easy tweeks that don't cost a lot. I have several other questions about the table. If there would be a knowledgable member willing to share some advice via email or phone would you send me a private email and let me know how to contact you.
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Found it at O'Reilly Auto Parts. It seems I now have a lifetime supply, LOL!
Castrol Hypoy C oil is available at amazon. The smallest size is a quart.That would last you at least 100 years or so. But Amazon has it for $6.00 or so. Your other option would be to go to your car mechanic and see if he would let you have a couple ounces or so.

What is hypoid oil and where do you buy it? Thanks.
Great advice Elizabeth but with one exception. Do not use motor oil. Rega specs call for 80/90 weight hypoid oil. That is the heavy oil that would be used in a cars differential or older manual transmissions. They specify to use only one or two drops of oil.Motor oil works well in probably 95% of turntables but not Rega.
Thanks Elizabeth!
I am sending you an email with some additional questions.
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