Rega Planar 3 : Heavily upgraded yet produces a sound that I don't like

I have the Rega Planar 3 turntable for 30 years now. It had an original everything including a 100$ nottingham analogue cartridge/stylus.
Sound was not bad but pretty basic....
A few years ago I started upgrading it. I did all the upgrades together and the result is... not good. The sound is very accurate but it is too bright, there is almost no Bass and drums have no attack whatsoever.
I can't eliminate where the problem is because all upgrades are irreversible.
I know that the Ortofon Rondo Red has a very bright sound but still...


Here is a list of the upgrades :

1. ISOkinetik ISOvert Rega Tonearm VTA Adjustment Kit


2. Cardas Litz purple phono cable


3. ISOkinetik Tonearm Low CG weight


4. Ortofon Rondo Red Cartridge/stylus


5 Linn Linto phono pre amp (an old but outstanding piece which has a cult following).

6. I use Rega Elicit Apmplifer


I would not consider anything by Rega. I think that the lower levels tables are bested by other manufacturers and the higher end tables are miles behind the competition. A friend replaced his RP8 with a 20 year old Townsend Rock and the difference was startling. I have less experience with their cartridges.


@auditionaudio ,

Err.. yes, but the Townshend Rock was a unique design that's hardly likely to bettered in its areas of strength.

Particularly in the bass, which is not something Regas are known for.

I had one of those, I think it cost $900 back in the late 70’s. In thirty years I never got a soundstage out of it, but it was durable. The biggest improvement I got was to box it up and use it for a trade in. The vintage folks buy them.

 I think it’s time to upgrade, if you stay away from Rega you learn new things like VTA and azimuth and sounds coming from your records like you’ve never heard before. It’s kind of like a welcome to the 21st century.