rega planar 3 cart replacement...

Anyone out there know off hand what spacers are required for a RB300 arm on the Rega Planar 3 turn table? The two carts that I am thinking about are the Sumiko Blupoint No.2 and the dynavector 10X5.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hello, i would forget the spacers and get an Adjustable VTA base like the Michell or VTAF(on the fly adj!). It's a lot more accurate and simpler to do.
I haven't heard the BP2, but i really like the 10X5. There also is the Denon DL-103/transformers, Grado Sonata, Audio Technica AT33PTG, Benz Ace, Ortofons, etc. Get 2, they're small! Lots of choices, depending on your phono stage or system.
Have fun and enjoy, Alan
The BP Special takes 4mm spacers. Not sure about the BP2 or DV; my memory would suggest 2mm.
Does the Michell require any modifications to the plinth? I know the VTAF does. That VTAF has had many great review....I'm just worried about making a modification that can't be reversed. The phono stage I'm using is the Bellari VP129.

I absolutely agree wth Jalance2069. I have an Expressimo VTA adjuster. The adjustment is infinite for the task - with the spacers you have only its setting.