Rega Planar 25 problem

My Rega Planar 25 has an obvious problem: the small round black plastic piece that fits over the motor spindle (i.e. the little shiny steel rod. about 1/8" diameter, that turns with the motor)is not fastened to the motor spindle: it can be lifted off with no effort, so it isn't a friction fit, and it shows no sign of glue or cement or the like.

Does anyone know how these two pieces are supposed to be held together? I have a Rega Planar 3 too, and what look like identical parts (except with no shiny steelin sight) are firmly held together. It's a mystery why my 25 ever worked, but however that may be, it sure doesn't now!

Can anyone help? I posted a similar message some months ago and was told to contact the USA Rega distributor, which I tried to do. No answer came back.


Tom Patton
There may have been something on this before ,do a search of the archives.Anyway I think you use a couple of drops of superglue to re-attach the piece.Do not let any glue go into the motor.
Call/email the Rega distributor once again -- Steve, at Go on the website to get the phone #. Very helpful. Excellent customer support, in my experience.
I had a Rega 25 years ago and I recall trying to lift the round plastic piece. It does not (shouldn't) come off, but I'm not sure how it is fastened to the underside. It felt like it was held by some kind of rubber or elastic because when pulled, there was something forcing it back into position. Better get it serviced.
Last weeks I ALMOSTY went through this. I was having a problem with my 25 where the motor could not start the glass platter on start-up without a nudge. The platter would just sit there unless I nudge it. I emailed Rega (very helpful) and they told me to check to see if the pulley is loose from the shaft like you describe. I did check it was not loose but they told me if it was to put a couple of drops of superglue as STEFANI describes above. This is how it is held together in the first place. The glue may come loose over time but hardly no one notices or checks.

Be sure to line up the pulley correctly (not too high or not too low) so that the belt wont slip off the subplatter when in rotation on either 45 or 33 settings. This was also described to me by Rega.

If in doubt email Rega directly, they dont bite. Very helpful buch of people.

BTW - for my situation the pulley was not loose at all, the platter spins exactly at 33 1/3 with stylus drag. So I just chaulk it up to a characteristic of my table. Unless anyone diagrees or has any opinons here, that would be great.
If your Rega table is still not starting without a nudge,I would replace the belt as my first option,especially if it's been a while since this was done.Sorry to tell you but a lot of Rega's run fast and if you are now on speed it means your belt is most probably worn.There are 2 fixes for a too fast Rega.Anyway try another belt and see what happens.The fixes can be found in the archives.
STEFANI, the table was purchased brand new as older stock last week. I cracked the seals on the box myself. The table was manufactured in 2004.

I see no belt slipiage either. The platter on start-up need just the tinyest of nudges to get going. What I think is going on, is because my motor runs a little slower than most(correct speed), it has a little harder time on start-up. Maybe this is why most tables run a little fast to begin with, to rid of the start-up hesitation. (Lower torque).

What do you think, is my hypothesis correct or reasonable to say it is just a characteristic?
I have heard of Rega tables (P25 P2&P3) running correctly on speed.

It needs just a little
Rega Belts need replacing every 3 years and even though you do not see slippage the tension in a worn belt is not spot-on and definitely manifests itself as a slow start-up as one of the first signs.If your motor is slow that is bad.Try dusting your original belt in talcum powder for more grip and see if that helps.Put some powder and the belt in a plastic bag and shake,then replace the belt.If it was meant to require a nudge on start-up when new I can't remember,but keep tweaking and you'll get there.A new table should work properly.
STEFANI, I tried my friends P25 belt after reading your suggestion to try a new belt. I tested his tables speed and it does runa bout 1% fast. With his belt on my table, my table does the same thing.

The manual does state "allow for slow star times and giving the platter a nudge would help speed things up" Granted it does NOT say the platter won't start otherwise.

My motor does not seem to be running slow. Using a KAB speed strobe with stylus drag as a factor it runs at what Rega says it should run at which is 33 1/3 + or - .05%.
Mine is runnig at .03% fast (with either belts) which is basically dead on. I have heard of some Rega's running fast but also I do believe most run on speed. However, the start-up thing.

This start-up issue was concerning me until I realized the speed of the table is steady and right on speed. Also your help as well with troubleshooting also made me feel a little better. Unless you think there is still a problem, if you do I'm open to ideas.

My remedy was to lift my sub-platter out and put a drop of oil in the hole.
Jeffjarvis, you had this same pronlem before?

If so, did you see a leak of oil anywhere around the subplatter before doing so?

There is Rega's recommended fix for a fast table which involves thoroughly cleaning the hub and spindle-hole with the correct cleaning fluid and then placing 2 DROPS ONLY of 80/90w Gear oil in the spindle-hole and replacing the hub.Check with Rega.I think you should be o.k as is.You can still talc your belt as this saves wear.
I bought a Rega P25 that had been sitting in the box for years. it ran slow.
A friend suggested some fresh oil, just a drop or two of sewing machine oil.
I think it's spinning at the correct speed by the sound.
What's the best way to count the RPMs?
If you don't have a strobe put a sticker or peice of tape on the outer edge of the platter. Using a stopwatch count the reveolutions of the sticker in one minute. the revolutions should be 33 and 1/3 of a turn. For the 1/3, imagine a pie.
According to Rega, fast speed is attributed to an old drivebelt and loss of oil. This is what was said to me in an email from them. It goes against everything we all thoughtbut who knows, they must know what they are talking about.
Disregard my previous post about sewing machine oil.
Bad info.
Now I used Shell 90w gear oil.(4 small drops)

My second hand Rega P25 was running slow.
Discovered the ball bearing was missing.
Located a new belt, ball bearing and some 90w oilThen it ran too fast,
so I put 4 layers of electrical tape around the subplatter.
Ahhh. Just right.

Also installed a Goldring 1042, downloaded a Stevenson Protractor, set up the alignment and bought a second hand Rega Wall Mount(thanks audiogon.

Sounds pretty good.
Here is your answer... The distributer is Cogent, Inc.
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The Rega website is