Rega Planar 2 upgrade vs. Planar 3

I am the original owner of a Rega Planar 2 with a Grace 707 arm and a Somiko Blue Point cartridge. The motor has gone on the table. Is it better to replace the motor with the Planar 2 to 3 upgrade kit, or find a used Planar 3 instead? If I put the Planar 3 motor kit on the Planar 2, what would be the difference between it and a Planar 3, considering the same tonearm was installed on both?

Thanks for an insights you can offer to my dilemma.
It's much cheaper to do the motor upgrade and if you have good speed stability I don't think the performance would be that much greater.
Do the motor upgrade. I would guess a planar 2 with the new motor would be a better deck (from the point of speed stability) than a planar 3. I put the new motor on my planar 3 (when I moved from the UK to the US) and it was a very convincing upgrade.

Also search the archives for re-oiling the bearing as oil level makes a huge difference.