Rega Planar 2 Refurb

I'm currently in the process of refurbishing a Rega Planar 2 that I rescued from an attic.

The dustcover and plinth were covered in acrylic paint, which I have carefully removed and restored the dustcover with plastic polish.
I have a RP1 Performance Pack to replace the belt, cartridge and mat; and a bearing upgrade kit.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Has anyone tried/succeeded or have any advice on rewiring the RB250 arm?
2. I'm looking for the decal that should adorn the top of the dust cover, the one I'm refurbishing is missing, if anyone has a broken dustcover with a decal I'd be interested?
There are a number of people who can rewire the RB250 relatively quickly and inexpensively.  Do a search here in the Turntables and Tonearms category and you'll find them (one of the better known uses the heading "Cardas rewire service").  IMO, unless you have some experience with micro-electric assemblies, it isn't a DIY job.

That said, you may also want to consider a new arm.  There are several that are much improved over the old RB250 and much easier to properly set up.  Moreover, the age storage location of your Planar 2 means the bearings could have some issues.  I rebuilt my Planar 2 way back in the day and responded to a post several years ago with some tips here:

On the dustcover decal, you can contact Rega to see if they have a spare.  Otherwise, you may be out of luck - that is a seriously old decorative element now.

Good luck & happy listening!
I just got done rebuilding a Planar 3 from parts.  Came out fantastic.

Brit Audio can rewire the arm.  Michael's one of the best.

Joel at Audiowood has quite a few parts.  I know he has the complete dustcover, but might have a decal/badge.
Thanks for the responses, I'll take a good look at the sites, threads and services you have recommended.

I'm still keen on rewiring the arm myself, I'm a demon with a soldering iron, and have extensive experience prototyping electronic circuitry, just not played with an arm before. I'm sure with the resources you guys have pointed me to, I'll find out what the job entails.

As suggested, I think I may try Rega directly for the decal. I could replace the dust cover, but I spent so long removing the paint and polishing out the scratches on the one I have, that I'm loathe to abandon it.

Joel at Audiowood has quite a few parts. I know he has the complete dustcover, but might have a decal/badge.

Great call on Joel at Audiowood. He has a badge on its way to me now. I know where I'll be going when I have the cash for a piece of Turntable art!
The Rega-refurb list of companies seem to grow by the year - so scour the web to find the one that fits your budget

I initially had the Cardas tonearm upgrade applied to my arm and it was a significant upgrade.

After a few years i decided to completely rebuild the TT, which now only has the power switch and dustcover left over from original components.

The arm I replaced with a Series 3 (classic) tonearm from Audiomods, which is just amazing and uses a Rega Arm Tube - highly modified.

They also do arm upgrade kits and a one piece harness

So it really depends on how far you want to take the upgrades

+1 on the AudioMod arms. I have (2) of them and they are indeed excellent. Jeff’s a good guy to deal with too.

Inspire HiFi in the UK has some really nice table upgrades also.