rega planar 2 - platter won't turn

i just picked up a used rega planar 2 from a thrift store ,only to find that the glass platter will not turn when the unit is switched on.

with the platter off, the motor, belt, and center hub all rotate with ease. when the platter is placed on the center hub, only the motor continues to rotate (no movement in center hub or belt).

as this is a used item from a thrift store, i have no idea of it's past history. the tonearm, cartridge, and base all seem to be in great condition...hopefully, i'll be able to turn this cheap find into a working unit.

any thoughts regarding this would be great.


john tosch
Sounds like the belt is slipping. Probably needs a new belt.
The belt could indeed be slipping, but possibly because the extra weight of the platter causes the spindle to lock up because it is dry and you need to lubricate it.
Make sure the motor pulley is pushed all of the way down. I had this trouble when I first purchased my old Planar 3.
thanks for the quick replies.a couple of questions as i'm new to rega.

what is the motor pulley and how is it determined if it is pushed all of the way down.

would it best to take it into the shop for lubrication/purchase a new belt?

thanks again,
The pulley is what the belt goes around. It sits on top of the motor. Push down on it and make sure that it is seated. They sometimes pop up in shipping.
the pulley did push down a touch and seems to have done the trick so far. everything is rotating as desired.

rega got back to me via email, and they had the same conclusion (loose pulley). however they suggested that I take it to the dealer for correct positioning and strong adhesive.

thanks again
I would try it as is for now, if it acts up then take it to the dealer. You may want to add some bearing oil. I would ask the dealer or Rega for the right type.
will be taking a trip to the dealer this weekend. after pushing down the pulley and the first successful operation, the platter has not rotated. the pulley actually comes off with relative ease, so i'm assuming that some adhesive is needed.

thanks for the advice, it's good to know that things might be fixed with a little glue (pulley) and oil (bearings).