Rega phono cart,s that can be used without spacer

Does anyone out there know of phono cart's. that can be used with Rega tables such as P3, P5, RP6, and Rp8, without having to put spacers in to insure the correct VTA? I love to change cartridges, but the Rega arms discourage this, and Rega apparently wanst you to use their phono cart's: Bias, Elyses, Exact, etc.
Not true..You can use just about any cartridge you want ..I have a P3/24 and use the RB301 tonearm with no spacer I have mounted with great results, a Denon DLl10 and a Nagaoka MP200 both great cartridges...If you want to use heavier carts,you might have to upgrade the counter weight to a(recommended- groove tracer). And IF you did want to use a taller cartridge you can buy the spacer and install it yourself, its not hard. Whoever is telling you that Rega is a hard to work with table probably does not sell them or own one.
Also, Boofer it helps to Not use any rubber mats or cork or felt or anything that would make you have to raise your VTA.....If the table uses a glass platter upgrade to Acyrlic and get a good record clamp like a JA mitchell. Clamping the record to the platter makes the record as thick as the platter. Heavier records like 180 gram and over usually sound better right? Using mats of any kind DECOUPLE the record and makes the sound dull and unexciting. I'm sure you will work it out :-)
Dynavector 17d3 works fine and requires no spacer. Low output MC so be sure it will work with your phono preamp.
Dear Boofer: I'm not a Rega tonearm user but I read somewhere that exist and after market aditament for that tonearm to handle VTA/SRA changes as need it.

Maybe the Rega owners can help you about.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Mattmiller: very helpful advice, and I'll follow your misc. suggestions as to cartridges, spacer installation, and the JA Mitchell clamp. I have 4 other turntables in service, have changed cartridges in many turtables probably nearly a hundred times, but the Rega arms have spooked me, not due to dealer advice, but my own problems in trying to install a Shure V15III cartridge in a P3 years ago.[I now realize the V15 was too compliant and the Rega arm too heavy for satisfactory results.] Armed with your newly supplied info., perhaps I'll be less spooked in the future! Jperry: The Rega dealer is actually installing a Dynavector 20X2 HO in my just ordered RP8; I have a Denon 301II installed in my vintage Denon 62L That T.T. with its servotracer arm, can play the Telarc cannons with all cartridges I have tried.Rauliruegras: I'll check into that aftermarket attachent; I've read many of you forum items recently and I am in awe about your expertise and your equipment!
When I use the Rega, there is a device that permits incremental raising/lowering of the tonearm that was a pain in the neck to use, but worked. I loosened the large nut from underneath. There is a threaded sleeve that goes over the bottom of the arm. The large nut attaches to the threaded sleeve. The sleeve get rotated to raise/lower the arm, and then the bolt solidifies the arm. I forgot who makes it, but it worked well.
I believe the standard stylus tip to cartridge top ht on a Rega cartridge is 14mm. When I had a Dynavector DV20XH I had to us a 2mm spacer on my P7 - dealer installed. For my Delos on my P9 I am using a 4mm spacer.
I believe the Goldring Eroica might fit without a spacer. BTW, it is a very nice cartridge for the money. Available lo or hi output.
I just ordered a Nagaoka MP-150 for my Rega P3-24 from NeedleDoctor, and I was assured by Brian that a spacer is not needed, and that the Nagaoka cartridges match quite well with the Rega RB-301 tonearm.
Hi Matt .... It's great to learn that you're happy with the Nag on our table/arm. What protractor did you use to mount the cartridge ?.... and did you need to raise the arm lift cueing bar at all ?
My Audio Technica works with no spacer and sounds great on my RP6 after being professionally setup. See my system info. I got it from 2juki on eBay. Many great reviews here about his service.
I am asking specifically about the Nagaoka MP 500 needing spacers with the RB301 arm on my Rega P3-24.