Rega P9 vs Musical Fidelity M1

Hi All,

Just wondering what the opinion is of the Rega P9 with RB1000 tonearm vs the Musical Fidelity M1 turntable.

I presently own the P9 and I have no problems with this turntable but I have seen a M1 for sale (interstate) which in look wise looks a lot better. Sound wise I'm note sure as I can't AB the two before purchasing. Would moving to the M1 be a forward or backwards step?

Any input or experiance would be appreciated.

I would check on what level of support is available for the M1 from MF. While I use MF their record of supporting their discontinued products has not been that good. The RB 1000 arm is an exceptional one which I would hold on to regardless.
Stay with the Rega P9. It's one SWEET table.
I have traveled the road of many forks in my quest for a great TT. I have come to my rest stop - my Rega P9. Enough said.
Thanks all for the input.

rega P9 is staying by the sounds of things.

The P9 is a very good table and one of the last components I would care to part with. The cartridge and phono stage may be a better upgrade for the money spent.
Stay with the Rega P9...just for your reference, a friend of mine has bought a Kuzma Reference to replace his P9 and says that the P9 is at least on the same level...if not above...and costs 3X less...think very careful before replacing the P9....
Hba, can I ask what tonearm your friend is using on his Kuzma Reference?