Rega P9 vs Kuzma Reference

I'm searchin' new record player and don't know what to buy.
I could go with Kuzma Reference turntable + rega RB300 + Benz Lp and when I collect rest of the money I would go for Stogi reference arm, or should I go for Rega P9 + RB1000 + Benz Lp +rega power suply. I narrow my choice on one of these two, what to do?

Thanx for readin'.
Dear Gjuro: The Rega 9 option seems to me the best one due that the RB 1000 it is not only better than the 300 but a real top quality tonearm that match in better way to the LP.

What we want in an analog rig is to have the best cartridge quality performance and the tonearm ( in this case the RB 1000 ) makes a paramount differences about. Yes, IMHO my vote is for the Rega rig.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Or you could buy the Kuzma Reference and save for a Stogi Reference in a hurry. I agree with Rauliruegas about the importance of the arm, but IMHO the Kuzmas are excellente.
There are things the Kuzma Reference can do that the P9 will lack, mostly in the bass department.

If you plan to upgrade the arm from the RB300 sometime later, then the potential is better with the Kuzma. If however you absolutely do not wish to spend any more, the P9 is probably a better bet with the RB1000 arm.
I could get a good deal on Avid Volvere with SME V arm. My dealer said that Avid Volvere+SME V could be in the same league as Kuzma reference+Stogi reference arm or maybe better.
How would you compare Avid with Kuzma or Rega?
Dear Gjuro76: +++++ " I narrow my choice on one of these two " +++++

what makes that you already change that statement?, I have to say that there are almost endless alternatives on what you are looking for and I assume that your " statement " was after analyse several alternatives and you choice those ones. Of course that you can go on but at sometime you have to stop of looking alternatives, I can see that you want to go on about and it is fine if you are not sure of what you choose before.

Regards and enjoy the music.
My dealer offered me a very fair price for Avid. I*m always goin* for the best I could get for my money, that*s the reason why I would probably go for volvere.