Rega P9 US to UK

Hi Everyone

I am new to Audiogon so please be gentle :-)
I have a technical question I am hoping som knowledgable person could answer for me

I am thinking of purchasing an original (Mk1) Rega P9 (with RB900 Tonearm) from the US (I live in the UK)  – This has a US PSU and I realise I would need a US 117V to UK 230V Converter.

My question is…would I need to get the pulley changed?


I noticed that a label on the rear of the P9 Power Supply states 117V 50/60Hz  so I was wondering if this means the PSU would autosense the UK mains frequency and operate at 50Hz rather than 60Hz  without the need to swap the pulley but I wanted your expert guidance before I purchased this turntable


I would be most grateful for any technical guidance you could offer me


Many thanks