Rega P9 Feet on a P3-24

Have any of you installed a set of Rega P9 feet on a Rega P3-24? Were there any sonic improvements?

The P3-24 is sitting dead level on the top shelf of an Atlantis Reference equipment Rack (shot filled, heavy and steady). I don't notice any change in sonics due to footfalls or whatever. My interest in different feet would only be to improve the resolution if possible. I don't think I have any isolation problems unless I'm mistaken.

What about other brands or designs, any improvement noted with carbon fibre or ceramic, perhaps points of some variety?

I used to have a Wadia 860 on that shelf that sounded wonderful. I added a top of the line "Silent Running" isolation base to it and I thought the Wadia had been swapped out for something even more incredible. The most dramatic improvement was a much blacker background and much more stabilized localization of singers and instruments.

That's partially why I'm exploring different feet or whatever for the Rega. Even though it sounds isolated from inputs and vibration, I believe improvements might be possible?

Any thoughts based on your actual experience would be greatly appreciated.

When I had my p3-24, I found that adding an isolation base was a very large improvement. I used the Ginko platform, which was reasonable cost. The SRA equipment is very good as well. I have upgraded to a TW-Acustic Raven one which come with Stillpoint feet, and found it sounded better with an isolation platform under the table.

I've got them on my P3-24. They look nice, can't say much else about them other than that!

It's the same exact foot that's on your table now, just flipped upside down and placed in an aluminum cup.
I have a (old) VPI isolation base under my Rega P5. I got it basically for free with a bunch of equipment given to me.
The VPI base was used on a Rega Planar 3, so the springs were already about right for the P5.
I wish I knew, as I am thinking of buying a set of the P9 feet. At a little over $100 with shipping.... at least they look very nice!
At the California Audio Show, a San Francisco store(on Pine Street?) demonstrated the newest 2 Rega turntables(not the P-6). They said that the feet they were using(around $300 for 3, I believe)made the cheapest Rega sound close to the next one up, but all improved the same-including the P-6. I believe the feet were from an established firm.
mmakshak - Do you remember what they had the Rega TTs sitting on (what type of shelf, etc.)?
I had a very big improvement when I placed 3 Cardas Blocks around my P25...