Rega P7 dimensions?

Q1) Would appreciate someone giving me the dimensions of a Rega P7 (w/o dust cover). I suspect they are the same as the P5 and assume the dustcover is removable? Need to know if it will fit my dedicated space.

Q2) MF's (Stereophile) review had good things to say about the P7 w/ Rega Exact MM cartirdge. Anyone spent time listening to the P7 with Exact or other good MM cartridge?

Thanks all.
I have a P25. I would assume they have very similar dimensions. Maybe not. But since nobody else has yet responded, here's what it measures. (NB: I'm rounding up to the nearest 1/4", which is really only a 1/16 or so in each case.)

17.75" (L) x 4.5 (H) x 14.25" (D)

Actually, a quick Google search led me to this page, which lists the following specs for the P5:

17.52” (L) x 4.45” (H) x 13.98” (D)
My bad. I see now that you actually wanted specs for the P7. That same website above lists the following specs for the P7:

18.90”L x 5.12”H x 14.96”D
Thanks for the link JB. That's what I needed but disappointed with the dimensions as they are are more than my cabinet will allow.

Follow up question; I understand the P5,7,9 have a boarder of "trim" around the plinth. Is this removable? I need a smaller footprint (do not need the dust cover).

Any help greatly appreciated.
The outer surround on my P25 is removable. I would assume the same is true for the P5, P7, and P9. But I can't say for sure. Mine is attached by a few screws, and if removed, the platter extends beyond the plinth in the front and on the left (about an inch each). The same looks to be true on these other regas.
On the P5, the dustcover can easily be removed and replaced: there are a couple of vinyl tabs at the back of the cover that fit into brackets at the rear of the plinth. The P7 should be exactly the same. However, I don't think there's an easy way to remove the plinth -- it looks like it's glued on rather than attached with screws.

Regarding the Exact cart, I find it very satisfactory with my P5 and have little desire to experiment -- an added advantage is the absence of alignment issues when you use it with a Rega arm.
Duh -- I meant to say there's no easy way to remove the trim. Removing the plinth would certainly reduce the footprint, but probably to the detriment of the sound. :)
I used an Exact with my P5 and was very pleased with the overal character of the cartridge. Once I moved up to the P7 my dealer suggested the Dynavector DV20X H which I am also very happy with. The Exact is now my backup for my P7. I do like the the Dynavector a bit more but the no-mounting-issues of a Rega on a Rega TT is very nice.
Thanks for the help gentlemen. I'm now going in the right direction.