Rega P5 with loose trim panels

I recently purchased a used Rega P5 with black trim online. After some light use and while swapping out cartridges, I noticed that the right panel and the right side of the front panel are slightly loose. I can see a screw about 4 inches from the front of the table connecting the panel to the plinth but there seems to be no way to get to it without drilling a hole in the panel. The left side panels are airtight, but the right panel can be pulled out about 2 millimeters without forcing it.
Naturally, there's no warranty, but I'd rather not return it if this can be easily fixed.
I purchased a brand new Rega P3-24 back in Decemeber and noticed the fit and finish wasn't very good for a brand new unit. I believe, along with other British audio manufacturers, Rega may now be having their products made in China. The build quality certainly has suffered.