rega P5 with dynavector 10x5..which phono?

hi folks
need help to chose a pre-phono to pair a rega P5 with a dynavector 10x5 cart..

I'm looking for PUNCHY bass and FAST sound

I was thinking about the dynavector p75 but then I read that it works better with low output MC and just ok with MC ho

Any advice is very welcome

thank you

I think the P75 is the way to go. If you upgrade cartridges later you won't need a new phono stage.

Dynavector dealer
does anyone compared the dyna p-75 mk2 to the PS audio GCPH?
I can buy both at the same price..

as I sayd I'm looking for powerful sound with tight bass..

thank you
Big fan of the P75. Worked great with MM carts before I moved to a LOMC that could use the PE mode. And there may be Dyna synergy. Haven't tried the GCPH, but in my system preferred P75 to Vincent PHO-8 and Quicksilver tubed phono pre.
thank you both Sounds_real_audio and Roscoeiii
I have a P3-24 with the same cartridge... Thiel 2.4s and a Pass Labs INT-30A, and have tried three different phonos. One was the Phono board in my Classe-CAP151 integrated (used just as a pre-amp), the second was the PS audio GCPH, and the third (now owned) is the Jasmine LP2.0 Mk II. The PS audio was the worst, it presented no images, pretty much just throwing instruments into the two channels. I guess instrument clarity and tone was pretty good, just a terrible, terrible soundstage. The Classe was second best, it presented a real recessed image (the worst exemplar, Stevie Wonder's Music of My Mind, sounded like a floating ball of sound that was about 2 square yards right in the center between my speakers) but presented a lot of information about depth of instruments within the soundstage. The Jasmine sounded much better than either out of the box (I'm just about 30 hours in)... nice detailed images that stretch across the soundstage. The soundstage is the same size as that produced by my PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC, and the analog end of my system actually made Simon's Graceland sound better than the digital version. That wasn't as true with some other recordings (there was added detail in the digital version of Stevie Wonder's Song's in the Key of Life, for instance). In any case, at the ~$500 price range I feel like Jasmine is a winner. I have the expectation that it will allow me to hear any future upgrades in the analog signal path. I certainly know whenever a significant dust hair is dragging along the dynavector.
@ Cal3713
thank you very much
can you describe how the Jasmine sound?
is fast or more warm?the bass is tight or more soft?

sorry for bad english
To be honest, I primarily listen to imaging, and am not sure I've heard enough other phono's to make good comparisons on those dimensions. In comparing to my digital, I certainly think the sound is well balanced, the highs are softer and bit less detailed than the digital (but I guess that's normal and to be expected), and the bass is significantly better. Unfortunately, my current amp doesn't have the best bass control over the Thiels (see my other threads), so I'm not sure I'm in a good position to comment on the tight/soft dimension. Perhaps tonight I'll listen and see if I think I can make further comment along the dimensions you're most interested.
I have the same turntable and cartridge as you. I think they are a good match but not necessarily one that gives "FAST sound". I went from the Dynavector 10x5 to a Benz Micro Glider low output that I bought from a friend after he moved on to another cartridge. The sound was fast compared to the Dynavector. Then I broke the stylus. (O crap). I reinstalled the 10x5. I used a Simaudio LP3 phono pre that I felt mated well with the P5/ 10x5 setup.
In my opinion a phono pre is only going to take you part of the way to your desired sound. A cartridge upgrade will be necessary also. I am about to change my cartridge, either to a Soundsmith SMMC-2 or a new stylus from Soundsmith for my Benz Micro.
Totally disagree... and the Sim audio is a horrible match here.
Someone hasn't heard a properly matched phono stage.
And hence the constant circle of mismatching and changing gear ensues. :)
Back to the OP, the p-75 is a great match for the 10x5.
Try one, you'll see, or hear...:)
For education purposes, any comments on why the simaudio lp3 is a poor match?
When you listened to the P5/ 10x5 with the Simaudio LP3, what amp and speakers were matched with it?
@ Chashas1
so no lean or thin sound with the p-75?
thank you for your input!
and what about the Lehmann Black Cube (+ psu)?
anyone has experiences with this phono?
There's a correctness with the P-75 that I haven't heard with any other phono stage at or near its price range. I'm not saying there aren't better phono stages...obviously, with more money, or perhaps a different cartridge. But if you have a 10x5 already that would be my instant go, if you were to ever go up in the Dynavector line, it will work extremely well with everything up to the XX2, and you can change the modes inside to max out the sound. Above the XX2 I would use a different phono stage.

just be careful....or you'll end up like some of the above posters...lost in the weeds...

no experience with the Lehmann....

Good luck!