Rega P5 owners

I recently purchased a Rega P5 & Exacta cartridge. I would like some feedback from owners (or others) on the TT PSU option (power supply unit). Does it offer a true sonic improvement? Until I can get a record vacumm cleaner what is a good option to keep records clean?
PSU takes it to a NEW level. Just get it.
I have heard that a Rega P3-24 with TT PSU will sound almost similar to the basic P5. Is this true? I do know that the P5 with TT PSU will outperform the P3-24 with TT PSU. I am considering between the P3-24 with TT PSU and the basic P5 and would appreciate your views. Thanks in advance.
Defintely, TTPSU - worth the $350.
It makes the music flow better - more relaxing to listen to and better articulation of certain details. Get the power supply before any other upgrades. I use mine with an Elsye2.
I love mine with the sumiko blackbird.
What cartridges are you guys using with the P5 and RB700 arm ? I'm thinking of building up a system on this TT.
Would appreciate some inputs.
I'm using Denon DL-103 MC cartridge with the P5. Sounds pretty darn good. I would equally be interested to know if there are other cartridges that would bring noticeable improvements compared to the Denon DL-103.
Hi RYder,

We are using the same speakers, the SHL5s.
A friend also recommended DL103 on the Rega P5.
Did you have to use the spacers with the 103 on the RB700 arm ?
Also, did you replace the stock counterweight on the RB700 ? does it have to be replaced when using the DL103 ?
I understand on Dynavectors, its best to replace those counterweights ?

Thanks for inputs.
Hi Nolitan,

I didn't have any spacers with the cartridge and everything is stock on the RB700 arm including the counterweight. Everything works out fine. I have no experience with Dynavectors. Good to know you are also using the SHL5s. The strength of the P5 shines through with the transparency of the speakers.
Another nice cartridge, especially for the money, is Rega's own Exact 2, which I have with my P5/RB700.
Art Dudley also spoke highly of the Exact in his review of the P3/24 (or one of the other Regas!).

Dear Ryder

In short, the DL103 mounts directly on the RB700 without any issues ? thats good to know!!!
I too heard many good things about Exact 2 with the P5/RB700.

Guys, owners of P5/RB700- what does your system comprise off ? anyone here using revealing speakers ? does the P5/RB700 shine thru in systems costing over us20,000 ?

Thanks for inputs.

Correction to my "Art Dudley" comment above: The author was, of course, Michael Fremer. Sorry.

Nolitan: not sure if my system qualifies as reavealing but I have been using B&W speakers in my main system: initally 805s and now 704s. Not quite in the snack bracket you mention but these are pretty revealing for the money. Rega sounds great. Had an LP12 before and I prefer the Rega.

Recently heard P5/Elyse2 fronting a high end Krell/Bryston/big B&W 800 series system at a local hifi shop and the sound was compelling (they are also a Linn dealer but were using the Rega in this system).
A good system will, of course, reveal the strengths of the source, but also the weaknesses. It will also reveal how much better a better table/arm is. The P5 is a great value, no question. That doesn't make it a giant killer, just a good choice at its price, with it's own set of characteristics. One thing I would pay special attention to in pairing a P5 with a system out of its league is cartridge matching and set up. You want to make sure that there are no nasties in the upper frequencies to be revealed. I would error, if necessary, in the direction of smooth on top.