Rega P5 or Nottingham Interspace JR ?

I am currently considering trading in my Rega P2 turntable. I was initially thinking the P5 with the outboard psu or the VPI Scout, but the Nottingham Interspace Jr. was recommended to me highly by one dealer.
If I could get some feedback on recommendations for this purchase I would be greatly appreciative.
I just bought a P5 with outboard PSU a few months ago and love it. My brother owns a Nottingham Horizon SE, and that also sounds good. I personally would lean towards the Rega, but it would also depend on what other components you have in your system.
I've compared the P3 and the P5 (which I now own). I'm not familiar with the Notingham.

IMHO the P5 is a very good entry high end TT. Speed and pitch stability, trackability, reproduction of detail, musicality all are very good. I know there are better set ups but I can't afford better (or choose to spend my $ elsewise).

I don't think you can go wrong with the P5 for a lifelong table.
gGo nottingham all the way.They run on speed.All of them.It also looks better than a p5.
Redtop, Where did you find the time to measure speed accuracy on "ALL" Nottingham turntables? I would say that there is a great possibility that you are indeed wrong, or is this just another example of trolling.