Rega P5 or move up to the P9 ?

I have the Rega P5 with the optional PSU. I have no issues what so ever with my current analog but like many of us I have this insane audio itch and wonder if I am missing out on what the P9 may have over the P5 ?
Like to hear from fellows that may have had the P5 and moved up to he P9.
I have read posts from a couple P9 owners over the years, and they all consider the P9 a lifetime keeper (even if they were to buy another table, they would keep their P9). That is telling, IMO.
We usually get the itch to upgrade when we want something different. The P9 is excellent but the sound is going to be very much like the P5. It's better but enough to feel like you've made a giant leap forward? I don't know. If possible try to audition before you lay down the cash.

Good luck,

I don't know about the P5 but I went from the P-3 to the P-9 about 5 years ago and it was night and day. That super hard dense ceramic platter on the P-9 is something else