Rega P5 on (ancient) VPI suspension base? or Butcher block?

I actually have a question...So I own a Rega P-5 and have in the past had it on an old VPI sprung suspension base (19" by 16") Heavy thing. Anyway, I am adding butcher blocks to all my gear. So the Kuzma Has a 22" by 19" by 1 3/4 Maple for the base with a 19" by 16" 3: thick Walnut block on top of the Maple separated by four 1/4 1/8" tall ebony discs... then the Kuzma. The Rega has the same base block, 22" by 19" by 1 3/4 Maple, with a Walnut 19" by 16: by 1 3/4 block on top. OR I can skip the Walnut and use the VPI sprung base. Or actually keep the Walnut and stick the VPI on top of it. Then the Rega P-5. I got the VPI free from a fella giving up his stereo for his new bride.... (insane dude, insane.)
Usually I would just try them out each way... But I though Hey! Ask.So what you think??I already tried laying the Walnut on top of the VPI, NOPE. Too heavy springs almost bottom with just the Walnut on it. Add on the P-5 and locked solid no spring action.
So VPI Yes VPI no. opinions..(would you use a ancient VPI isolation base? Hey Geoff, it has SPRINGS.... boing boing boing...)
With all the thought and care you put into your system, I doubt that the VPI base would add much to sound quality.  All those massive blocks must be visually impressive and the shear weight should damp the entire building.  From what you say the VPI on the block under the rega is the only possible route.  Your ears will tell the truth.
Even though I've let my P5 go years ago, I remember  some of the tweaky things I did to it, enhanced the already decent performance.

I thought the addition of the Mapleshade stuff(footers,slab and pads)seemed to add a bit of  noticeable refinement overall.
Costly, but I kept those parts when I got rid off the table and transferred them to the next table.

As an added bonus, adding them made the picture frame-with a record player, look kinda cool.

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I heard it did great things....did you sell it?
Using the correct spring rates absolutely make a difference.
Especially under the loudspeakers.

And certainly correctly tuned / selected springs make a difference to a turntable. And mass adds to inertia; often mass loading isn't a bad thing in audio.

What is the substrate under all of your gear? Wood floor, or concrete, other?
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FWIW, I took away my entire rack stand and put my idler table on the floor. It sounded better. Then I put it on a 3" maple block and it sounded much better. More focused, detailed and dynamic.