Rega P5, Dynavector cartridge?

I have a Rega P5 with the Exact 2 cartridge. I'm thinking of upgrading, and I'm wondering if anyone has opinions or comments about the Dynavector 20x-2. For various reasons, I'll probably go with the high output moving coil version.
I loved the low output version on a tricked out P25. I borrowed a friend's and it really shocked me.

On the other hand, I have another friend that has the high output version which he uses on a stock P5 and he felt it was only a marginal improvement over the Dyna 10X5. He is out of state so I have not heard this for myself.
I just purchased a Rega P5 with the Dynavector 20xL2 about a mounth ago and i absolutely love it. To me, very netural sounding with excellent tight bass and clear detailed highs. I listened to the Rega with the exact 2 and much preferred the Dynavector for the reasons above plus, i thought is was more musical in my opinion. Good luck with your purchase, i do not think you will be disappointed.
I have used both the 10x5 and 20Xl on my P5. Both sounded great. The 20Xl is a nice improvement. I currently am using a Rondo Bronze which I love.
Thanks for your responses.

I'm upgrading from a Rega Exact 2. Sounds like you guys expect I'll hear a difference.
Please post when you have made the change, and let us know what you think!