Rega p5/ Dyn 10x5 problem

I just set up my Dynavector 10x5 on my Rega P5. I installed the 2mm shim under the tonearm. When I move the arm back to the position that should lift the tonearm/ cartridge off the record it does not clear the record. The platter is in proper position. The part of the tonearm assembly that raises to lift the tonearm is working properly. I have to manually raise the tonearm off its cradle to set the cartridge on the record and then again to set it back on the cradle.
Any help is appreciated.
You should see a small allen head on the front of the arm lift. Just loosen it and raise the lift up on the shaft.
Their is a very small hex headed bolt (8mm) in the queuing platform. Loosen the bolt, pull up on the platform and retighten the bolt. This will left the arm high enough to clear the record. That should take care of it.
Thanks 2002ss335. That did it.

Hey, where is the love? I gave you the same advice. Just kidding. I'm glad you got it fixed. :)