Rega P5

I have decided to buy a Rega P5. What cartridges should I consider? $500.00 ish budget, Exact or ? I know there are many moving coils for around this price point. I have a Marsh pre amp and Projekt Tube Box phono pre amp. Re tweeks, are any essential? I know the thinking is NO tweeks but thought I would ask you folks. Thank you in advance. PS my old table is a 17 year old Linn Basik with Akito arm. Brian
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I bought the P5 a year ago with the outboard power supply. The dealer mounted an Exact II and I've been very, very happy with it. First, no "wondering" if I have tracking angle or such "optimized". Secondly, the cartridge/tonearm combination gives great PRAT and there seems to be no coloration - ie no exageration of any portion of the sound. Very nice detail too. It reminds me of an old Shure V 15 IV I had years ago; the cart. stayed out of the way and let the music shine. However, there's much more detail than the Shure ever had and it tracks like a dream.
Thanks for your imput Joe, the Exact II is on my short list and I plan on getting the Rega outboard power supply as well, Brian