Rega P5

I'm new here and to the "high end" world of turntables and I need some cartridge advice. I'm putting together my new system and just picked up a used Rega P5 minus a cartridge, my previous table was a Technics AL-L2OR with linear tracking (quite the upgrade), needless to say I have quite a bit of catching up to do and alot of questions to ask. I also recently purchased a used Quad 34 preamp (my previous preamp was a Hafler) to go with my Quad 405 and DCM Time Windows. The phono module in the back is marked with a value of 100uv. What does that mean and how does it relate to the cartridge output? I think the module is for an MC but I'm not positive. If it's for an MC, can it still be used with a MM? I've read some positive reviews using a Shure V15VxMR or Dynavector 10X5 with Regas. Can either one be used with my setup with good results? Are there any other used/new cartridges in the $200-400 range that would work? Will the phono module in the Quad work with the newer cartridges or do I need a phono preamp?

they sell the phono boards for the Quad 34 and can probably tell you how much gain you get from the one in yours.
the Dyna 20 XL or the Dyna 17 Karat D2 MKII, is nice for thr Rega P5, a good combination
Try and go with an MC cartridge. There are high gain and low gain Dynavectors, I think the 20 XL comes in a high and low. Maybe one will work with your existing board.