Rega P3 or Thorens TD 166 MKII ??

I am trying to decide between  a Rega P3 with an Elys cartridge and RB300 tonearm from eBay in mint condition and a Thorens 166 MKII and Ortofone 10 super cartridge from Dave of Vinyl Nirvana. I am over 60 years and just getting back into vinyl. Does the Thorens have to be tweaked and modified before I get a pleasant sound? I just want to be able to relax and enjoy the sound w/o having to tweak around. Considering that Thorens are so old, would it be hard to upgrade it if I have to with better cartridges, etc? I listen to jazz, new age and some rock
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I went from that same Thorens to the Rega P3 (and then to others). I'd go with the Rega. Easy setup, not much tweaking required. Less age factor to worry about. It just plays.
+2 Rega
The Thorens is a 30+ year old table. The Rega is still in production! You might be better off going  with a new Rega!