Rega P3 Mod or Upgrade?

I have a Rega P3 with RB300 and Elys cartridge. My questions are should I upgrade the tonearm (such as the origin live mods) and cartridge, Upgrade the arm to RB600 or sell and purchase a VPI HW19 JR. I like the Planar 3 but I am wondering if it would be putting to much money into an entry level turntable and if the sonic improvements would justify the dollars spent. Any Thoughts?
Have Originlive motor upgrade for Systemdek table & worked wonders. You might check Originlive to determine if motor upgrade easy to accomplish with Rega table. Also I rewired my Rega RB300 Which improved sound. Had Linn Sondeik LP12 with Lingo PS & believe my remotored & rewired arm sound much better.
Hello, I have an ol RB250 and cannot say anything but good. Mark at Origin Live states that the RB250 is the best of the Rega arms to modify.If you have questions regarding this e-mail or call Mark and he will give you all the info. Also his website has very adequate info to answer many questions. Perhaps he could advise you on the turntable. When I bought my TT and arm my arm arrived before the TT and I bought the table in the states. Good Luck