Rega P3 Cartridge Selection

I have a Rega P3 and am looking for a cartridge for it.

I have the following to chose from, so please give me some feedback. Please don't recommend other cartridges because these are what I have come to narrow the field down to, mostly because these are what are available to me from my distributor.

So, the choices...

Goldring 1022
Clearaudio Aurum Classic Wood
Clearaudio Aurum Alpha (worth the price above the Classic?)

See my opinion at the "Rega P25 question" on the second september 2004. I had the Rega Planar 3 before that's why you can trust my recommendation.
I have not used the Clearaudio Aurum Classic or Alpha but have used both the Aurum Beta and BetaS--the Beta on a Linn Basik and an Origin Live Silver mk2 and the BetaS on the Silver.

They are great carts for the money, very clean, fairly neutral, good detail. Quite open and sound nice in my tube rig. If the Alpha andd Classic are in the ballpark of the Beta/S's sound, I say go for it.

One thing to note, using the Clearaudios I have had woofer pumping issues due to warps and, to a lesser extent, footfalls (loose hardwood floors)on both the Linn and the Rega RB250- based OL Silver.