rega p3/24 vs. music hall mm5.1

These two players are in my price range. Which is the best for the buck?
Go Rega. It is a classic. The other is far from it.
Buy the Rega.
Rega and get the TTPSU.
Another vote for the Rega, and also for the TTPSU.
Okay, not to be boring, but here's the fifth vote for the Rega. What cartridges are you thinking about ?, and what's your amplification and speakers ?
I feel the Rega P3/24 with the TTPSU is the best performer in it's price range. I have one, and listened to others before I went with the Rega. Very solid performing table with an EXCELLENT arm. The RB301 I feel is substantially better than the arm on the music hall.