Rega P3-24 & P5 owners..........

I've been extremely happy with my Rega P3-24/Exact 2 set-up for the past nine months, and have just taken it way up in quality by adding the TT-PSU. Thanks to all the thoughts expressed in these forums, and those of many internet and written reviews, I finally made the purchase. As great as my analog front end sounded before, it now seems improved in all areas. Most significantly, I'm sensing a wider and deeper soundstage, a more focused and extended bottom end, a clearer treble and mid-range, and a smoother overall presentation. So, my advice to all my fellow Rega P3-24 and P5 owners......just do it, and put the TT-PSU into your system. It really does make a wonderful difference. Happy listening.
I bought my P3-24 last November and I've had the TT/PSU from the start. Not only do the audio enhancements make it well worth the price, the convenience of being able to change speed without messing with the belt is pure gravy!
If you think your Rega is good, try using 3 Cardas blocks, or cones under the surround. Use the cones spike up.
Thanks, Stringreen............I have my Rega table sitting on a "Vibrapod sandwich." A perfectly flat 3/4 " dense MDF board sits upon eight #1 Vibrapods, and the table, with its three stock rubber feet, sits on the MDF. It's a pretty cool set-up, and seems to work quite well.
Adam 18...try my suggestion...get rid of those rubber feet and Vibrapods. If you don't like it, you can always go back. If you don't want to "invest" in cones or blox, take 3 same size cans from your pantry and try it just for fun.
Good to hear the TT PSU has made a significant difference with your P3-24 and thanks for sharing. One will be coming my way soon, right after I add more records into my collection.

After a lot of listening this past weekend.....WOW !! The TT-PSU is making every LP I play sound better. Of course, some of this perceived improvement may be psychological (isn't this true with a lot of our "audiophile stuff" ?), but I'm definitely impressed. Last night, I enjoyed Duke Ellington, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, and Dave Brubeck, and I can't remember these albums ever sounding so good.
Hey Adam - glad you finally got the TT-PSU. You'll have to let us know if you decide to try Stringreen's suggestion, too, I would be curious to hear what you think. I have never had a vibration issue with my standard rubber feet on top of my Sanus rack - my table is absolutely level. I have always had a suspicion that the cones, blocks, vibropads, etc. are only psychological improvements, and that the real issue is making sure everything is level. I think the rubber feet do a fine job, along with the rest of the design.
Adam - have you used any turntables other than Rega? If so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?
Hi Musicpod........Prior to my current table, I had an NAD 533/Goldring Elektra for many happy years. This table was basically and NAD badged Rega Planar 2, and it played great music. Since I was really happy with the "Rega house sound," I decided to stick with it, hence the reason for my moving up the line to the Rega P3-24/Exact 2/ TT-PSU. Back in the 1980's, I had a Beogram 3404 table, which was a great complement to my Yamaha reveciver and Mission 717 speakers.
I can now attest to the benefits of the TT PSU after hooking up one to my P5. I listen to a lot of acoustic guitars and drums and can clearly perceive an improvement in sound quality with the TT PSU on board. More control and focus in all areas particularly in the midrange and bass with an added refinement to the overall spectrum of the music. The plucking of Pat Metheny's guitar sounded quite different with the TT PSU -more depth, finesse and emotion to it. Very nice. When I put on Lee Ritenour's "Rio Sol" that was when I realized I had made the right choice in getting the TT PSU.
Bravo Ryder !!! I'm glad to hear that we agree on the benefits of the TT-PSU. I too love to listen to good guitar, and the TT-PSU definitely enhances the quality of the music. Try to get some Grant Green and Wes Montgomery ... Their records sound terrific on the Rega set-up, as do old Muddy Waters and Mississippi John Hurt LP's. Electric rock guitar is also improved with the TT-PSU, as my classic Allman Brothers and Led Zep records sound great.
Happy Listening, and keep on enjoying the music !!