Rega P3-24 or VPI Scoutmaster

Hello everyone,
I am new to TT, I would love to hear your opinion on those 2 TT. In term of SQ, does the used VPI Scoutmaster sound better than the used P3-24 with TT-PSU. Is it worth double the price on the VPI? Thanks a lot.
I think the VPI is a better deck. It should be for double the price though. Worth it or not is a personal thing - ears and wallet. I don't think it's worth it because I can't afford the Scoutmaster. If I could comfortably afford one, I'd buy one. Then again, I'd compare it to the comparably priced Rega - P7?

If you're new to turntables, you may want to get the less expensive one and with the savings get a few things...
Cleaning stuff - a vacuum cleaner and hand held steamer are two of the best things you can own if you're into vinyl. The vacuum machine doesn't have to be expensive (relatively speaking); the KAB USA EV-1 is a Nitty Gritty minus an internal vacuum. Just connect your home vac and save some cash. Costs about $170.

If your vinyl collection and love for analog grows out of control, there's always another deck and cartridge to upgrade to. Someone here had some very wise advice to another vinyl noob - "Expect to pay more than you expect to pay." The accessories like cleaning fluids, brushes, isolation stuff, etc definitely add up. Take your time and make sure you're really enjoying vinyl before you commit too far financially IMO.

Both are excellent turntables. Very hard to go wrong with either one, but it's really not a fair comparison for either table.
I own a fully loaded VPI Scoutmaster with SDS and my VPI / Rega dealer told me that to do better, I would have to go at least Rega P9 or SME 10 (i.e. $10K+).
VPI and Rega make very good tables at reasonable prices. As pointed out above the Scoutmaster is better as it should be considering the price differential; at comparable price level it would be a matter of taste. I am a VPI dealer but right now am using a Rega arm and used their dac until the Metrum came out. You really wont go wrong with either.
Why a Scoutmaster for a first time table? A regular used Scout will do the trick especially if the seller includes a decent cartridge. My Scout came preloaded with a Dynevector 20X, more table than I can make good use of. The other thing that you want to keep in mind is the cost of a good Phono stage.
If you're starting out, I would go with the Rega. It's plug and play for the most part. The VPI arm can be tricky to set up. Of course, if you're buying new from a local dealer, they will set it up for you, so it's not an issue. Remember, no matter what you buy, there is always going to be stuff that's quite a bit better, so stay off that slipperly slope. Buy something you are comfortable with, keep it a couple years and then upgrade if you feel the need. At least that's what I think. As an aside, some friends of mine bought the $1400 Marantz and it's really nice for the money. I don't think you can do better at that price.
Is it just me or is anybody else bugged by the fact that most Regas have NO easy arm height (VTA) adjustment? Shims? Really?It seems wrong...just wrong, and somebody should take a stand...I'm keeping my Linn/Akito rig. So there...I feel better now...
I would get a Scoutmaster rather than the Scout if you can afford it; it is a significant step up. It is a destination table while the Scout is one you will probably want to eventually replace.
Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for your responses. It's very helpful for me to decide which one. Since I am new so I don't have much preferences in term of the Sound quality. However, i do understand that If I get the scoutmaster with a decent MC cartridge, it will keep me going for a while without a need to upgrade. I will audit the Scoutmaster to see if I like it.