Rega P3-24 or RB301 anti-skating bias

Hi, I recently bought a Rega Rega P3-24 (with the RB301 arm). In setting it up, it appears that the anti-skating is radically out of adjustment. I have tried sliding the bias adjustment slider, but at all settings the arm is pulled rather noticeably back toward the arm rest/cueing lever.

For example, when trying to set the tracking control, the instructions say to "slide the balance weight along its shaft until the stylus is “floating” just 1mm clear of the record." No matter where I set the bias slider, I can't get the arm to stay in one place when it's floating. Instead, it immediately and quickly returns to the arm rest/cueing lever.

I would welcome ANY advice.
We need some kind of final determination here. Was there a consensus?
This is super easy...Slide the counter weight till it floats just above platter,set the dial (force setting) to the correct cartridge weight,set the bias slider to the same setting as the dial. If the table And platter are level it will be setup properly.Check stylus force with gauge to double check.

Matt M

My question is how is one supposed to set the bias slider to the same setting as the dial on an arm like the Rb301? I see nothing on the bias slider to indicate a setting other than a notch about 3mm long placed near the end of the slider's shaft. I have no idea what this notch is supposed to represent. I have a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood set to 2.3 grams and no idea where along the slider 2.3 is represented. If you understand the Rega slider I would appreciate a more detailed explanation.
First notch is 1 gm, second notch is 2 gm on the slider. Does not need to match VTF exactly, just close.
Use no (or as little as your arm will permit) bias adjustment. There is questionable need for such a device. I use none and there are many who feel that is correct. There is no solid agreement either way.