Rega P3-24 and Exact 2.....Enjoying the music

Just a quick update.....I've been enjoying my new analog front end for just over three months now, and I'm extremely happy with how my records are sounding. I've gotten through a large part of my jazz collection on the new Rega P3-24/Exact 2, and the music sounds really, really good. I did my first "upgrade" about three weeks ago, switching out the Rega felt mat for a Herbie's Way Excellent II mat, and I'm pretty impressed with the seemingly increased clarity and focus. I'm toying with the idea of dfferent isolation techniques as a next step.

My personal "analog renaissance" is quite rewarding, and I'm really grateful to all of you guys for all I've been learning on this forum. Thanks a lot, and Happy Listening !!
Hi Adam:

I got my p3-24/elys II back in december and switched out the felt mat for a Herbie's about 2 months ago. The Herbie's really makes a difference. I also made an isolation platform for it with two solid wood shelves, dowel bit holes on each corner of one shelf, squash balls placed in the dowel holes, and the other shelf placed on top. On that rests a 2 in. maple shelf with brass cones, and the Rega on top of that. Really helps.

I'm thinking about switching to the Exact but the Elys II sounds pretty good. Have you tried any other cartridges?
Hey Gmsasso......I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your set-up. I never heard the Elys II, as I went straight to the Exact 2. This combination works wonderfully for me, and, no, I have not tried any other cartridges, nor am I planning on any other cartridges any time soon.

Your DIY isolation platform seems pretty cool. Are the brass cones under the maple shelf, or under the TT plinth ? If they're under the maple, I'm assuming that the original Rega feet are still under the plinth. Where did ya' get the brass cones and maple shelf ?

What's the rest of your system ? Happy Listening !!