Rega P3-24 and Exact 2.....Enjoying the music

Just a quick update.....I've been enjoying my new analog front end for just over three months now, and I'm extremely happy with how my records are sounding. I've gotten through a large part of my jazz collection on the new Rega P3-24/Exact 2, and the music sounds really, really good. I did my first "upgrade" about three weeks ago, switching out the Rega felt mat for a Herbie's Way Excellent II mat, and I'm pretty impressed with the seemingly increased clarity and focus. I'm toying with the idea of dfferent isolation techniques as a next step.

My personal "analog renaissance" is quite rewarding, and I'm really grateful to all of you guys for all I've been learning on this forum. Thanks a lot, and Happy Listening !!
Good to hear you're enjoying your vinyl. I took the vinyl plunge about a year ago when I bought a Music Hall mmf-5.1 with Goldring 1012 cartridge. I really loved the way it sounded, but a month ago I decided to upgrade to a used Clearaudio Emotion with Virtuoso cartridge. Well unfortunately the cantilever was sold to me bent, so I had to send it off to Sound Smith to have it retipped, but man did it sound good. I'm not really enjoying the Denon DL-103 temporary replacement cart that I bought, despite all the rave this cartridge has received. I've actually been listening to my DacMagic more now, which isn't good! I'm anxiously awaiting the return of the Virtuoso.

How do you like the Vandersteens? I currently have a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 v3's, and I've toyed with the idea of trying a pair of Vandersteens instead...
Hi Jwglista .....
I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your "vinyl plunge." I'm sure that your Emotion/Virtuoso combo sounds great, and I hope that you get it back in good condition really soon. As far as my Vandersteens go.....they are wonderful speakers !!! I'm quite familiar with Paradigms, and your Studio 60's probably sound terrific. My separate home theater is built around Paradigm Atoms and matching center and sub, and the sound for movies and concert DVD's is terrific. But there's just something quite special about the Vandersteen sound for pure two channel analog (and digital, by the way) listening that makes the music sound amazing. Most Vandy owners stay with Vandy's because the sound of music is so very special.
If you want increased clarity and focus, try one of Groovetracers machined aluminum sub platters. Really makes a difference!
I really do enjoy almost everything about the Paradigms, except for the aluminum tweeters. They can sometimes sound a bit aggressive and shrill. In most cases this is only with poorly made albums. Everything else sounds fantastic. They have a very seductive midrange (albeit not extremely detailed), great powerful bass, and overall they just have a very "big sound". I just wish the treble was a bit smoother. I was hoping that the Vandersteens would retain most of these qualities, yet possibly provide a smoother treble. How would you describe the sound of the Vandersteens?
Hi Jwglista.....
I just perused some of your past threads, just to get an idea as to what type of information you've been seeing on these forums. Back on Jume 13, 2005, you started a thread to compare Paradigm Studio's to Vandesteen 2Ce Sig/II's. There are some very insightful responses back there, mostly giving glowing reviews of the Vandy's.

I tend to agree with much of what's already been said about Vandersteen speakers on these forums. They are very special speakers, and they simply, with the right electronics, make beautiful music. I can give you all sorts of "audiophile jargon" to describe their sound. But, it would all be pointless.....You need to hear them for yourself. Words on paper will not do these speakers justice, but the happiness they'll bring to your ears, heart, and soul will make you want to listen to record after record, after record. Do yourself a huge favor, and listen to them. Then, you'll know if they are the right speakers for you. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!