Rega P3 220V to 110V


I recently purchased an "as new" Rega P3 motor and PCB which was pulled out of a damaged Rega P3. It's the new Premotec 9904 111 31304 motor and associated PCB. I'm located in the US and the motor was mounted in a P3 sold in the UK. Before mounting it, I powered the motor up and noticed two things. First, it vibrated like a PC Techs pager when the Melissa virus hit and second, there was almost no torque at all. I suspect the component values on the PCB are not ideal for the 110V used in the US but set for the 220V of the UK. Can anyone provide me with the resistor and cap values used in the US version? The PCB is stuffed with two caps and two resistors. Any help would be much appreciated.
I found some info on the Vinyl Engine site.It states that a 56(560 Ohm))0.5 W resistor must be connected in series with the phasing capacitor which has a 0.39uf value.This is for the U.S 60HZ current.There is only 1 cap and i resistor.Here is the link
Thanks. I found that info as well. What I'm trying to do is use the circuit which came with the motor upgrade. The circuit is suppose to make the motor virtually free of any vibration. The current values of the components drop the voltage below 50V which is causing excessive vibration. I ran the circuit through SPICE and came up with some values which give me 96V/85V on each winding. I'll experiment this week with the calculated values. If it doesn't work out, I'll go with the Premotec suggested values.

Thanks again.
I resolved the vibration issue and now it's running "virtually" vibration free. I ditched the PCB that came from the UK and replaced it with the original single cap/single resistor with a 3.3k and .20u values. Thelonious Monk never sounded so good.