Rega P3 2000: Can the interconnects be upgraded?

I have a Rega P3 2000. Instead of RCA jacks, it comes with "built-in" interconnects that go into a fixed plug on the base of the turntable. Is there any way to upgrade the interconnects w/o performing major surgery? Does anybody know why Rega would use such a system?
The P3 has a RB300 'arm - RB300 (and RB600) are stock from Rega with end-to-end interconnects (I have the 600, which uses different cable and Neutrik Pro-Fi RCA's). I suppose the argument is it provides one less connection to color the low level signals of cart to preamp. But then there's the joint between headshell leads and the interconnect I'm not sure of the real logic there.

But I'm pretty sure the only way to modify is major surgery.

Expressimo Audio (the Heavyweight guys) does an end to end upgrade - cart leads to interconnects, but it still includes interconnects and RCA's; The Analog Room in San Jose modded mine with VDH silver terminated in a DIN at the now I can try different DIN-to-RCA phono cables.

Probably the best upgrade (I'm told) is to send the sucker to OriginLive for their full blown modification.
I have a Planar 3 with an RB300 that has been rewired with Cardas tonearm cable to a box on the rear of the plinth that has female RCA jacks that accepts any interconnect. While I didn't do it, I understand there are some upgrade parts available(check out this site), if you think you're handy.