Rega P25 vs. Rega P5

I'm considering upgrading my TT. One of the brands I'm considering is Rega. One of the models I'm considering is the P5. But I'm wondering how the P25 would compare to the P5.

I've done extensive research on both. In considering the P25 over the P5, I've concluded the following:

1. The price of a P25 would be lower than the P5.
2. Since it's no longer made, the P25 would be older.
2. The P5 could be upgraded with the TT-PSU.

I'm hoping that there may be members that have had experience with both that can provide useful input regarding comparing the two. If it helps, in both cases, I am unimpressed with the base. So comments regarding the base of the P25 being better than the P5, although appreciated, would not be helpful.

I currently am using a Sansui direct drive. I'm upgrading the cartridge on the Sansui to a Denon DL-160. So, in the short term, if I purchased a Rega I would install the Denon Dl-160 after the purchase. However, eventually, I plan on upgrading the Denon cartidge to a Dynavector 10X5.

I can provide details on my system, but, as I'm asking for input regarding members' personal experience, I wasn't sure if this would be relevant.

Thank you in advance.
I reviewed my question, again, and thought it may be too broad. What I'm trying to get a handle on is what the difference is, if any, regarding the sonic signature.

Thanks again.
There was a very good review of the P5 in S'phile I think, when the P5 came out. The reviewer compared it to the P25. Hopefully you can look up that review online.

But, what's the price diff. between used P5's & P25's? $200, $400? The P25 is a very good TT. You can upgrade your cartridge & phono stage around it to a very high level. Personally I'd go with whichever I found a deal on, used, & if a P25 is a lot less, you can spend the $$ saved on a nicer cartridge, which I'm guessing will make a bigger difference.

You can't go wrong with either, but if it's only a couple hundred $$, I'd go with a P5.
Thanks Stevaudio.

I've done quite a bit of reading on both TTs but I don't remember a review comparing the two. I will search for that review.