Rega P25 Tonearm Lift

Here is my stupid question of the day. Hopefully somebody can help. I installed a Grado Sonata cartridge on my P25. Alignment and tracking force are set correctly. My problem is that the height of the cartridge doesn't allow it to clear the LP when using the tonearm lift lever. I have to manually pick the tonearm off the record when done listening. Does anybody know if the lift is adjustable-the manual makes no mention of it. Or-has somebody run into this with there own setup and perhaps developed a 'rig' for it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If this is an older P25, you may have to replace the silicone fluid in the cueing device, but I really don't think that any P25s are old enough for that yet. You might try putting some thin strips of velcro on the arc-shaped piece that lifts the arm, to give it some more height. In general, I recommend that Rega users stay away from Grado cartridges for a wide variety of reasons, and this apparently is another one.

Why do so many Rega owners buy Grado cartridges, when it has been known for years that there are all kinds of problems with that combination?
I had a P-25 with a Grado woody and had no problems at all.
Why do people buy Rega and Grado? Because its a great sounding combo.
I never had a problem with the lift and I wouldnt bother putting velcro or anything else on it.There must be an adjustment.Call Lauerman and see what he says.
2 out of 3 have hum problems.
Twi-please explain how you know 2 out of 3 have "hum problems"
It's all over this website. If you look through the archives, I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of references to the "dreaded Grado hum" when used with Rega TT's. The Grado cartridges are highly susceptible to hum fields, and the Rega TTs have the motor right under the platter. It has been stated by many, other than myself, that about 2/3 of the Rega/Grado combinations will have a hum problem. Not all do.

It's just a well-known fact. I'm not making this up, in some kind of attempt to knock Rega or Grado. It's just not an ideal combo, unless you get lucky. If you are one of the lucky ones, then that's great.

When I worked at the audio shop, we wouldn't sell a Grado to a Rega owner, unless he brought his TT in and let us try it first to see if it hummed.

I can't help the fact that it happens, I just report on it. I'm not looking for an argument about it. I thought that maybe I could save some people from getting a problem, by mentioning it. There are plenty of other cartridges out there that sound good, and don't have this hum sensitivity.
grado hum w/rega's is a reoccuring post on Audio Asylum as well.
Honestly I have noticed a hum but only when place close to the center of the record where no music is. Even when playing the end of the record I could hear no hum, the great music drowned it out!

I recently sold the table and am shopping around for a new one as I write...Spacedeck ,scout, many great options these days!
My suggestion is that if you have a heigth problem with your lift then you also have a (vertical tracking alignment)VTA issue that needs resolved.
Contact and buy the EASYRIZER for the rega and install it then set your VTA and you will also notice a differnce in the sound of the cartridge when set at the correct VTA
getting rega spacers 2mm and/or 4mm from will always be helpful since you will be more flexible in terms of selecting a different cartridge in terms of VTA.
Ok a couple of thoughts...

First of all what you need to do is simply adjust the tonearm lift. There is a hex set screw that adjusts the height of the lift and you simply need to get that hex key from Rega. I suggest you contact your local dealer or if that doesn't work, email me off list and I'll get one for you.

It is not terribly unusual for a Rega table to come in with the lift a little off. Sometimes in shipping things move around, etc. It's a quick fix and not a major problem.

Second of all we sell Rega and Grado (among other cartridge brands) and we sometimes put a Grado on a Rega table. The combo can be very musical. Aside from the hum (I'll get to that in a moment) I do not know of any real problems with Grado/Rega combinations.

As for the hum... yes it does exist in some systems. We always test first. Part of the problem with the hum has to do with the fact that Rega arms have no ground wire. But the important thing to remember is that the hum does NOT occur during playback. I do not mean that it gets drowned out sonically. I mean it actually does not occur when playing, only when the stylus is off the surface of the record. Don't believe me? Try putting a humming Grado/Rega combo on the lead-out groove of a record. No hum - dead silent. For whatever goofy reason, as soon as any signal passes through the stylus, the hum is blown out of the circuit. I do not have a good explanation for this, but it is not B.S. when I tell you that the hum only occurs when the table is idle. Most customers see this demonstrated and then they don't care.
Hackmaster-Check the archives.I've tried to get this across several times about the rega/grado 'hum'being a non issue.
Actually I dont care anymore other than I bothers me a bit seeing bad advice given out to 'philes looking into this combo.
Okay, David99,I promise to never mention it again. And when the threads come up about "How come my Rega hums with my Grado cartridge", I'll just let you explain to them that it doesn't happen. And how you didn't want anyone to be told about the possibility, because you thought it was "bad advice". And how these people wound up with a humming TT, because you sought to silence those who may have warned them about it. Yes, I'll keep quiet about it, and I'll let you do the talking when the time comes.
Sure TWI,thats fine.
I wonder though,why anyone would be bothered by a hum when the arm/cartidge is past the lead out groove of a record but not be bothered by the surface noise many LP's have...can you answer that? Or anyome else?
I think Hackmaster described the hum issue very well and I agree with him 100%
My findings are the same as his.
David, I don't know why they are bothered by it, they just are. They post threads looking for answers why. So I tell them why. If they can live with it, fine. If it doesn't happen to their table, fine. I don't want people to have problems with their analog rigs. If they are happy, they feel better about their music.

As far as saying that it doesn't make an audible difference, I wouldn't be totally sure of that. Just because the hum is reduced below audibility when signal is running, does not mean that it is not affecting the cartridge's magnetic field.

My opinion is that if there is enough hum field strength to make an audible hum, then it is strong enough to influence the magnetic performance of the cartridge, whether the influence manifests itself as hum, or not, while playing.

My point is that even though many people like Grado cartridges, and find them musical, there are other cartridges that are also musical, that do not behave this way on Rega TTs. So I simply conclude that to avoid potential problems of this nature, use a different cartridge on Regas. I really don't think that this is a radical point of view. To me it seems to make alot of sense.

I understand that you have this combo, and are not experiencing this problem, and that is good. I also understand that you may be sensitive to statements like the one I made, because it goes contrary to your selection. But I did not make the statement to irritate you. And I specifically said it did not happen in all cases. But it is quite common.

As far as people not wanting hum, but accepting pops and ticks, perhaps they feel that hum is an avoidable circumstance, and would rather do without it. I know I feel that way.

And also, if I started a thread, as a new TT user, and asked a question about using a Grado with a P3, and everybody said it was fine, and I got a hum problem, I would be wondering what was wrong. Then when I found out that is was a fairly common problem, I would be wondering why nobody told me about it when I asked about this combo. Doesn't this make sense to you? Am I wrong to tell them?

Anyway the subject is closed as far as I am concerned.
Enjoy the music.
Hackmaster is dead on concerning both points. I adjusted the hex screw and it's fixed. As far as the hum between the Grado/Rega combo I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. The only hum you hear in my listening room is coming from the artists...who'd be damned impressed with how good they sound! THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!
Sg69..Im glad your problem is solved.
re:hum- I dont think you are one of the lucky ones.
This 'hum issue' is bull and gets old.
I bet if you raise the arm and put it near the spindle and turn the volumn up fairly loud you will hear a low level hum.
It cant be heard during music or between tracks so you have to make an effort to hear it.
David, you're treading some pretty dangerous ground here. I tried to be nice about this. Calling my statements "bull" is not conducive to good rapport with me. Please discuss this in the area of "opinion", as I did. Thank you.

And I have not mentioned this at all since our agreement, even though an old thread on this popped back up again on this page. The post was old, and I cannot remove it.
TWI-You are right.The hum issue should be considered opinion.Its up to each individual to decide if they want to live with a TT/cartridge combo that isnt 100% quiet 100% of the time.

My last post was not directed at you however.
I do respect your opinion Tom and I consider you to be one of the more seasoned audiophiles on this site especially in the analog area.

Im sorry I offended you.

Thanks, Dave. Have a good weekend, and enjoy the tunes.