Rega p25 to vpi scoutmaster or phono stage and mc

Hi, everyone. Please pardon if this sounds dumb, but I need some advice. I have a P-25 I've had since new and have loved it. But, always think I could be missing something. So, used Goldring 1042 cart, but without spacers so just never felt good about it not allowing the arm to be level(don't think I fully broke in the cart). Put old superelys back on and it sounds lackluster since changing back to Rega setup (3 screws)vs. Baerwald. Plus, have had it since I bought the table and may be nearing end of its useful life. So, got upgrade fever, reseached and read and read on this site and settled on thought of getting (after selling stuff and tax refund) VPI scoutmaster with outer ring and clamp, and shelter 501 and necessarily phono stage (sim audio 5.3). 5k plus with shipping. Then, I wondered, and please bear with me - almost there. . . what if I bought the sim audio and ventured into mc carts on the rega? Still alot of money, but could it be a substantial change?? Or no?? I just don't have turntable dealers locally and can't hear what the step up to scoutmaster would be, so wondering if the phono preamp/mc cart would be a satisfying change? Please participate and give all opinions and info. you can. I listen to rock, pop and jazz mostly. And I use Axiom M80s for speakers (newest version) and denon 3808 receiver. Currently using Bellari phono stage for mm carts. Y'all have been wonderfully helpful every time I've posted and I am truly at my wit's end this time. Thanks in advance - can't wait to hear your experiences or ideas.
Laura (chapin99)
I had a Rega 25 completely decked out with every possible upgrade. I went to a Superscoutmaster with 10.5i arm. I put my old cartridge - a Grado Sonata low output into the new table and was very happy. I then got a Benz Ebony and went WOW!!
I had a P25 and went to a VPI Aries2/JMW 10.5. Glad I did and never looked back.
I auditioned the P7 and Scoutmaster. Eneded up with the Scoutmaster. I have since moved up to the Superscoutmaster. I am using the Sim LP5.3. A killer at its price range and quite a bit above. These tables used with any of the Dynavector cartridges I have had(17D2MKII, 17D3 and XX2MKII) have never made me question my choice of table.
I too, had a p-25 and did every possible upgrade to it that was a sonic benefit. I actually still have the table minus the expensive goodies that I sold off. My peeve about rega is that you have to replace and upgrade the tonearm wiring, platter, subplatter, bearing, add VTA ( Gandy doesn't beilve in vta or in cleaning records)and get a record clamp before your really in buisness. Don't get me wrong, it sounded phenominal after I rebuilt the whole thing, but I HAD TO REBUILD THE WHOLE DAMN THING! Rega is fundamentally a good table, but by the time you have it singing you've done alot more work and spent alot more money than if you would have gotten all those premium components as part of the original table.
Hate to sorta rain on the parade, and I also love the scoutmaster, but have to ask:
Are you sure that your Denon receiver is resolving enough to let you hear the differences you are contemplating? I've not heard a Denon receiver in many years, but it isn't the kind of gear you usually see higher quality source components paired with.

My suggestion: Buy the VPI used and upgrade your amp at the same. Cheers,